Security Package No. 4: Men umbrella “City-Safe” round hook handle incl. two turtorials on DVD


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With our extremely stable Security Umbrella and accompanying video turtorial on DVD, you will be able to fend off even attacks of a physically superior person in just a few days.

The DVD provides you with an exact step-by-step guide so that you know exactly how to use the Security Umbrella effectively for your own protection. You will learn how to:

  • use the umbrella effectively
  • avoid dangerous mistakes
  • respond correctly in the event of a threat

The DVD requires no knowledge and helps everyone. There are a few exercises shown and these should be done at home at regular intervals to internalize what is shown and instinctively apply in an emergency.

If you do this, the uncertainty disappears and you are immediately more confident, braver and know that you can defend yourself and in an emergency. This will happen in a few days, and the next dog walk, the ride into the city, the use of public transport, etc. will be much more pleasant for you.

Keep in mind: Due to the weather, you often carry an umbrella with you anyway; why not immediately this all-rounder, which in addition to the protection against rain also serves your safety.

Tip: This Security Package is perfect as an extraordinary gift. Your family members or best friends will be very grateful for the care and increased safety. There is no clearer way to show how important your loved ones are to you.

This Security Package is probably the biggest innovation in personal safety in recent years. It has never been easier and faster to do so much for your own safety.

Delivery Contents:

1 umbrella round hook handle (attention: the handle is new; not like in the box, like in the other pics.).

1 DVD tutorial “How to effectively protect yourself in an emergency with the Security Umbrella”

1 DVD turtorial “Stay Alive” – protect yourself without any tool.

Length:                78 cm

Weight:               580 g

Diameter open:    96 cm